Road map

Kingdom is currently in a private alpha phase. We are building and testing the game with the community. We will release our public beta in March 2023.

Q1 2023

February 2023

0.5 | Game refactoring
The game will be fully debugged and polished with minor improvements like animations, indicators, and sound effects. We aim to create a solid foundation with the current game features: gathering, crafting, farming, building, and chatting.
0.6 | Quests with level, ranking, and reward
We will introduce a fun quest system to make the game more challenging and rewarding.

March 2023

0.7 | Cooking, fire camp, and tile-to-tile navigation
We will not be able to eat raw food anymore; we will have to combine and cook raw food to produce many meals and potions. We will finally be able to move from tile to tile without using the map.
The fire camp will become an important object; we will be able to use it for cooking, protecting from enemies, and organizing live events.
0.8 | Players versus environment fight system
Gathering items will be more challenging; some game areas will be hostile! Meals, potions, and special items will be essential to fight and survive.
0.9 | Map refactoring
The map will be faster to load and show indicators about other players and interesting zones. We will be able to search for specific tiles or kingdoms.
Beta | Polygon integration and onboarding
Kingdom will have a user-friendly web3 onboarding. Every player will obtain a crypto wallet (if they don't already have one) and will be able to buy gold with FIAT or Matic.
Every tile will be NFT tradeable on open marketplaces like OpenSea; we will mint all the existing tiles. New players will get one tile free after the onboarding.
Thanks to this, Kingdom will be progressively more on-chain.

2023 and beyond

After the beta release, our main focus will be on opening the remaining tiles (ocean, mountain...) and creating the interior environments.
We aim to give players more control and freedom in the long term. Kingdom should be more decentralized, and players should be able to create and monetize their items, objects, building, and features.
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