Road map

2021 | Original version

Kingdom started as a social network with a 2D infinite map. Users were able to buy lands, exchange Gold, and share stories.

2022 | Game alpha

We kept the map and re-built everything from scratch to create a 2D metaverse.

Q2 | Season 1

Timber stocks

Forest owners will be able to chop down trees to collect wood. King and queens will be able to discover their lands and chat with other players.


Wild carrots will appear randomly in the world, players will have to collect carrots to eat and survive.


King and queens will be able to build wood objects like a fire camp to organize voice chats with their citizens. Forest owners will be able to sell woods to other players.

Q3 | Season 2

We don’t know yet what we will develop together for the upcoming seasons, each season will bring more objects, buildings, and features. We’ll mostly decide the next objects and features with the community.

Next big milestones


Players will be able to mint game assets as NFTs to trade them on decentralized platforms like OpenSea.

Objects builder and marketplace

Anyone will be able to create new objects, buildings, and features for Kingdom. A marketplace will be available to sell and buy creations.
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