Start quests

From level 1 to level 3

Your first quests!

After creating your account, you'll respawn at the main Kingdom tile. The first NPC you'll meet is Gus, who also happens to be a chef! Throughout Kingdom, you'll encounter different NPCs, but for now, let's chat with him to kick off our first quest!

Here we are, embarking on our first journey! Looks like Gus wants to collect three carrots. Fortunately, in Kingdom, we have free resources in the wild scattered across the map, and carrots are among them. Let's explore the map to find them! At the bottom, you'll find the map icon located on the left side. Clicking on it will redirect you to the map of Kingdom.

The red marker indicates your current location. Click randomly on any tile to enter it and find items.

To help you during your first steps, item icons will appear on the map! The hint will disappear as soon as you reach level 3.

You should fine carrots easily as it's one of the most common item. Simply click on the carrots to collect them!

Now, come back to Gus to deliver him the carrots.

After completing a quest, you will earn XP points, items, and recipes. XP will help you gain new skills, and recipes will allow you craft new items and objects.

Let's continue making progress with the next quest. To access your current active quests, you can either visit the NPCs, as we've done previously, or you can click on the book icon on the top right.

It appears that we'll need to gather ingredients to cook salad. We can return to the map and hunt down the resources for this new quest! After collecting all the ingredients click on the book or quest icon again, you'll be able to fast-travel to the NPC. Let's go and provide him with all his requirements so we can proceed with the next quest.

For the next quest, we'll need to prepare a salad. To cook, you'll require a bonfire. If you don't have one, don't worry! You can still browse the map and use someone else's bonfire!

If you see a fire icon on the map, it means there's a bonfire there!

When using someone else's bonfire, the ingredients will be doubled, as the dish needs to be shared with the owner.

After completing the quest and reaching level 2, you'll gain more energy, allowing you to explore further. Additionally, you'll be able to visit Lily

Next, you will receive quests from Lily, similar to what we've done before. You should be able to reach level 3 in no time! We'll see you again in "Create your kingdom"

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