The Gold is our in-game virtual money. Gold is not crypto money and can’t be listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX).
Gold price is pegged to Ether, so when Ether price goes up, the Gold price goes up.
You can buy Gold with ETHER or MATIC and sell Gold for ETHER directly inside the game. Buying and selling Gold cost Ethereum gas fees, a few dollars per transaction regardless of the amount.

Real economy

Kingdom is based on a real economy where you must provide services to other players to earn money.
For example, you buy a forest, produce wood and sell timber to other players. They use your wood to build a farm so you can buy food from them.
Then you can buy more forests, sell more wood, hire other players to help you, and one day sell your business to someone else with a good profit.
On the contrary, most play-to-earn games or metaverse are based on a financial economy with scarce resources and monotonous mechanisms like Yield farming or staking.

Withdrawal fees

Kingdom charges fees when players withdraw gold. We use this tax to develop the game and support the economy.
The more gold you wish to withdraw, the lower the fee. This means players who bring value to the community and work hard to build up their kingdom will be taxed less than people looking to drain the system. This fee helps us to develop the game and support the economy.

Up to 1000 Gold

30% fee

Up to 5000 Gold

20% fee

More than 5000 Gold

15% fee